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Removing harmful pathogens can reduce the risk of skin infection.           

You will receive
- 1x Disinfectant Alcohol (500ml)

How to sterilize and clean the derma roller?
It is definitely a concern for those using derma roller or derma stamp, reusing needles for self-needling regimens.
To prevent blood and dead skin build up, you will need to properly clean and sanitize the derma roller. Doing this can prevent unnecessary skin infection and can improve the lifespan of your micro-needling tool. Sterilizing can be damaging to the roller if it is not done correctly. Never use boiling water on the plastic roller as this can be damaging to the roller and also wear off the paint of the handle.

To properly sanitize the roller, you will need a glass holder, alcohol disinfectant, and a toothbrush.
- After your micro needling therapy, simply brush the needles of the roller with a clean toothbrush to remove traces of blood and dead skin cells.
- Rinse under the running tap water for a min or two,
- Soak your roller in a glass holder with a proper alcohol disinfectant for 20-45 mins. Ensure that all the needles fully emerge in the solution.
- Finally, rinse the alcohol off the roller and store in a clean dry case.