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LMW (Low molecular weight) Hyaluronic Acid

An International Journal by M. Farwick, P. Lersch, G. Strutz on Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid Its Effects on Epidermal Gene Expression and Skin Ageing. This Journal shows and demonstrates how LMW (low molecular weight) Hyaluronic Acid under In-Vivo study effects the skin roughness after application of LMW Hyaluronic Acid resulting in strong skin smoothing and wrinkle reducing properties of 50kDa HA.

Ceramides NP and AP

A Paper published in 2012 on The impact of ceramides NP and AP on the nanostructure of the stratum corneum lipid bilayer. by Tanja N. Engelbrecht,a Annett Schroeter,*a Thomas Hauß,b Bruno Deme,c Holger A. Scheidt,d Daniel Husterd and Reinhard H. H. Neuberta

Skin-Identical Ceramide 3

An Article by Ute Wollenweber and Dr. Mike Farwick on the application of Skin-Identical Ceramide 3 for enhanced skin moisturization and smoothness.

In the Article, results through the in-vivo study were obtained showing the superior efficacy of Ceramide 3 to restore the skin barrier which improves skin hydration and firmness. It also demonstrates the ability of Ceramide 3 to sooth skin to reduce fine lines and improve macro structure contributing to an improved natural barrier function and skin performance which would normally deplete through age.


An Article written by Steve Herman - president of Diffusion LLC, a consulting company specializing in regulatory issue, intellectual property, and technology development and transfer touching on the future of skin care on epigenetics material to achieve a skin-renewal breakthrough. Cosmetic science is not limited by chemistry but also biology in the future.

Article from website best-anti-aging-guide - Epigenetics - a new Paradigm in the Science of Anti Aging, with before and after photos.

Telomere Biology

Detail accounts from nature reviews molecular cell biology volume 1 explaining the Hayflick limits and telomere biology which effects ageing in human.

Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology volume 11
Modulation of telomere binding proteins: a future area of research for skin protection and anti-aging target

By Isabelle Imbert, PhD, Jean-Marie Botto, PhD, Claude D. Farra, PhD, Nouha Domloge, MD

This Journal details the advances through the discoveries of telomere and telomerase, which telomere shortening is one of the main characteristic of cellular aging by limiting cellular division.

Snow Algae

An Article written by Daniel Schmid, Esther Belser, Fred Zulli from Mibelle Group Biochemistry, Switzerland on Snow algae as a anti-aging ingredient. In the article indicates clinical studies showing that snow algae was shown to improve the papillary structure of the dermal epidermal junction and significantly enhanced skin hydration smoothing out crow’s feet wrinkles.

Plant Stemcell

A Journal by D. Schmid, C.Schurch, P.Blum, E. Belser, F. Zulli on Stem cells pertaining to Cosmetic - Plant Stem Cell Extracts for Longevity of Skin and Hair.

This Journal discusses the role of stem cells in the skin and hair follicles, demonstrating studies indicating Anti-wrinkle effect on Crow’s feet area as well as retardation of senescence in isolated hair follicles.


Innovative Peptide Technologies for Even Young and Healthy Looking Skin
by M. Mentel*, J.Schild, U. Maczkiewitz, T. Koehler, M. Farwick

This Journal shows the effect of Tetrapeptide-21 in many positive aspect on skin such as extracellular matrix boosting, improving skin elasticity, and induction of extracellular matrix boosting gene expression and protein production.

Lumisphere by SEDERMA - instantly luminous and progressively lighter complexion.

A combination of modified titanium dioxide and diacetylboldine encapsulated in a water soluble excipient.