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BEWARE OF IMMITATION (click to view the entire article)

Due to the popularity of DERMEDICS MESO serums, it has been brought to our attention that there are many numerous imitation for Dermedics Meso serum being sold in the market which are not genuine

To protect yourself, we recommend that you only purchase from DERMEDICS authorised distributors.

Differences in packaging or product names will also indicate that the product is fake. Please alert us if you have any concerns about the authenticity of a product.

Management of Xmedicimports
Authorised distributor of Dermedics Skin Care System

Procapil vs Minoxidil for hairloss treatment?

Are you facing hair loss? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Contrary to popular belief, hair loss is actually very common! It is estimated that roughly 50% of females will develop hair loss within their lifetimes, while that number increases to 80% in males. There are about 100,000 strands of hair on your head, and an average person would lose about 100 strands a day. When the hair loss becomes greater than that, it can develop into a receding hairline or even baldness, known medically as ‘alopecia’. Once hair loss starts, it is usually permanent and will continue to progress as you age. Thus, it is important that treatment starts as soon as one notices the hair loss or bald patches. For the people who suffer from this condition, it can cause a lot of stress and anxiety in their lives. A bald head is a nightmare for many, as it completely changes the way that people perceive us, and our social interactions. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to treat or even reverse the effect of hair loss! Depending on the cause, the appropriate treatment should be carried out.

Under exposure to 1% PROCAPIL, 58% more growth than that of the control was obtained and the growth was similar to that observed in the presence of 2 ppm Minoxidil® (10 μM). With 2.5% PROCAPIL, the growth was 121% greater than that of the control

Hairloss treatment review. - by Dr Joel Arun

Dermedics MESOHAIR


I was privileged to be offered a trial-set of the Dermedics MESOHAIR Intensive Hair Therapy set 2 weeks ago. This review will aim to provide readers a basic background of the product,

Product Background

MESOHAIR is a serum designed to prevent hair loss, and is indicated for people who are suffering from premature hair loss. It is produced by Dermedics – a Polish beauty company. The company is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant, and has also been accorded the CE mark for medical products. These are re-assuring! The MESOHAIR serum does not contain parabens, artificial fragrances, alcohol, colorants or formaldehyde. It is also free of growth factors and hormonal stimulants.

Core Ingredients

MESOHAIR’s active ingredients can be confusing to interpret if one is not familiar with the medical or scientific jargon used. The ingredients are Biotinyl-GHK and Procapil. Biotinyl-GHK is a protein derivative of Biotin (Vitamin B7). Procapil, which itself comprises of Apigenin and Oleanolic Acid together with an extracellular peptide (Matrikine), is the core ingredient of MESOHAIR serum. Apigenin is a naturally occurring plant compound which is subcategorized under a group called glycosides. Oleanolic Acid is also a naturally occurring plant compound which can be found commonly in olive oil and garlic. Ingredient Properties
Biotinyl-GHK: A protein derivate of Vitamin B7; deficiency of which can lead to brittle hair and nails, and in severe cases can lead to dermatitis (rash). Biotin supplementation is routinely recommended in people who suffer from brittle hair or hair loss. Apigenin: A naturally occurring plant compound; it is a glycoside. Found in many natural herbs and plants such as chamomile, parsley and celery.
Oleanolic Acid: A naturally occurring plant compound which is commonly found in olive oil, pokeweed, and garlic. It is non-toxic and has been shown to inhibit 5α-reductase in-vitro. The inhibition of this enzyme is the key mechanism of action in treating male pattern hair loss.

Other Hair Growth Therapies

There are other hair growth therapies which exist in the commercial market, and perhaps the most popular of them all is Minoxidil. Minoxidil was initially developed as an anti-hypertensive (blood pressure lowering) medicine and was incidentally found to have the side effect of unintentional hair growth. Since then, it has been marketed as a hair-growth serum to be applied topically or sprayed. However, a significant proportion of users do report side-effects of itching, burning, dry skin, chest tightness, palpitations, chest pain, dizziness and fainting. Moreover, the initial phase of Minoxidil use may come with temporary hair loss – this is described as “shedding” by some proponents of Minoxidil.

Dr Joel Arun
M.B.B.S (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), 2014
National University of Singapore

Video of dermapen with mesohair treatment

“Clear “Clear

Effortless approach for closed comedones, blackhead and whitehead

Purifying Enzymatic Exfoliator is a gentle, milky and creamy peeling that gently eliminates the dead cells to reveal a fresher looking healthy skin. Unique scrub-free peeling with physiological pH deeply decongest the skin without any downtime and requires no neutralization. Alive probiotics contained in the formulation reinforce the skin barrier by creating a natural protective layer and thanks to that, the skin heals of its natural balance of hydration and nourishment.  *Probiotics are identified as “live microorganisms which when administered in sufficient amounts does amazing work for the skin to naturally remove toxins”.

Chemical Skin Peel

Chemical Skin Peel by DERMEDICS® cater to various skin types from acne prone oily skin, sun damaged skin or sensitive skin.

As chemical peel does carry some minor risk and uncertainties. It should be performed under a properly trained aesthetician or dermatologist and taken well care of after the treatment, This will reduce the risk of infection, scarring or hypo and hyperpigmentation. Using a gentle pH balanced cleanser, post repair moisturiser and sunscreen are good after the treatment as it will help the healing and also improves the results.
There are different types of acid and each has its own advantages and benefits to cater to individual needs and preference.

Here we discuss some of the most popular skin peel.

Glycolic acid peel
Derived from sugarcane and is popularly known as Alpha-Hydroxy acid. It is one of the most popular choices for chemical peel due to its many benefits and other uses. It is a standard type that is used commonly for this type of treatment as it is proven to help with skin health and appearance for many different types of skin. It helps to clear the skin of lines, scars and also wrinkles over time. The acid penetrates to the skin and it helps refreshes the skin texture and dullness. This makes the skin looks fresh, bright and refined.

Mandelic acid peel
So what is Mandelic acid? Well, it is a type of Alpha hydroxy acid which is extracted from bitter almonds. This acid is also found in citrus fruits, grapes and also in tomato juice. Mandelic acid is a strong yet gentle exfoliator that breaks up a tiny bond between dead cell on the skin surface making it an effective chemical peel. It is also mostly used on sensitive or darker skin due to strong but gentle to the skin. One of the benefits of using this rather the Glycolic acid is that it takes longer to penetrate into the skin due to its molecule being larger. This makes irritation less likely to occur. Another benefit is that Mandelic acid is compatible with all types of skin and actinic skin in improving skin texture and tone.

Lactic acid peel
The first thing you should know about lactic acid is that its an anti-wrinkle and a pigmentation-fighting ingredient. Lactic acids come from milk and is an anti-aging ingredient just like the Glycolic acid and citrus acid. It is used to specifically treat age spots, hyperpigmentation and other factors that make the skin complexion looks dull and uneven. Lactic acid is also a great choice for sensitive skin. It also has benefits like clearing dead cells and toxin.

Retinol peel
This is our aesthetician choice of skin peel! It is a powerful solution that is perfect for those who wants long-lasting results. Retinol peel is a liquid substance that is less invasive than laser treatment yet still offering the same benefit. Except for those with sensitive skin, this isn’t a good quick solution for you. It is applied on your skin and it can remove any dead skin or imperfection on that part of your skin. How it does this is retinol peels generates new skin cell and stimulates collagen production. This will diminish wrinkles, remove dark spots and age spots and also help with acne and redness. So this is definitely a good solution for most of us.

Salicylic acid peel
This is great for anyone who struggles with breakouts. It helps to soothe pimple prone skin and help keep breakout at bay so you won’t get acne scars. This is a light peel but its not as deep as TCA peels which we will discuss below. Salicylic is also good for treating oily skin and clogged pores. So, if you face this problem, this is definitely the solution for you. Now, this is for women have issues with acne scarring and pigmentation. You can use some of the above solutions but I recommend TCA peels if you want to clear this issue specifically.

TCA peel
TCA peel penetrate deeper than Glycolic or salicylic acids. TCA peel is not a choice for everyone as this peel does have downtime so Retinol peel or lasers could be a better choice instead., giving you similar results.
There you have it, this is some of the solution and acids that are used in Chemical Peel treatment. Each has its own benefits and uses so it depends on an individual what do they need. If they want a bright clear skin, Glycolic acid can help you but if you just want to clear out pimple and acne, Salicylic acid and Retinol peel is for you. So, knowing your skin and talking to a specialist can help you in choosing the best solution.

No Surgery, No Filler Augmentation

There are various ways to rejuvenate your skin or increase the volume of areas like the butt, breasts, cheeks, and lips. It includes cosmetic fillers, fat transfer, and performing surgeries.
Dermedics Lipofilling oil is the latest potent medical skincare line that is committed to prestigious skin therapies aimed at the global transformation of the skin and volume correction with real results.
It is non-invasion, does not require fat-transfer or fat-grafting. Dermedics Lipofilling oil fill up facial features without the need for surgery, injection, chemical filling or an implant.

A Comparison between Fillers, Fat Grafting, And the Lipofilling Oil The process of adding volume and filling out depressions is different when using dermal fillers. Unlike the Dermedics Lipofilling oil where the product is naturally applied on your skin, fillers are material that is injected into your surface with the intention of plumping the area to eliminate the depression or wrinkle. This method can be used to augment cheeks to enhance their shape which will ultimately restore youthfulness. Besides, you can apply it to plump thin lips and smooth out vertical lines on the edge of the lips. Fat grafting is another method used to remove wrinkles and deep creases on your face. The process involves the removal of fat from one part of your body to those sections that need more fat using a syringe. The disadvantage of fat transfer is that small amounts of can be grafted into the targeted tissues at a given time.

Side Effects of Cosmetic Fillers

* Redness and swelling at the area of injection
* Paralysis- cosmetic fillers may cause paralysis in the section used. The toxins can also travel to other parts of your body causing harm.
* Numbness and lumpiness are common when you use a hyaluronic acid-based filling product.
* Unevenness in volume and size when performed by an inexperienced practitioner.

Dermapen Meso Skin Therapy (MST) Micro needling / Derma roller treatment for scars and deep wrinkles

DERMEDICS® presents the newest automatic microneedle system for skin rejuvenation, stretch marks reduction, as well as for scalp treatments = MST (Meso Skin Therapy). MST by DERMEDICS® corresponds with nowadays demands of global aesthetic beauty market associated with micro-needle mesotherapy and it is a perfect supplement of MESO series by DERMEDICS®.

Microneedling is effective against these common skin problems:
* Wrinkles
* Stretch marks
* Scars
* Acne scarring
* Skin Tone
* Fine lines
* Loose skin
* Large Pores
* Discoloration

The Dermapen works by creating micro-injuries that promote the growth and repair of skin. Normally, skin injuries cause the body to produce collagen and elastin, in an attempt to repair the wound. However, the Dermapen tricks the body into producing new skin underneath, causing wrinkles and scars to go away and an overall fresher and plumper looking skin. The Dermapen has small, shallow needles, which repeatedly poke the skin to create a safe and controlled injury. The needles are very small and the length will depend on the type of the scar being treated. In general, the treatment is painless, especially if shorter needles are used.
After treatment, your skin may become dry or red, but that is expected and will disappear within a week. The treatments should occur about a month apart in order to prevent damage to your skin. With proper usage, microneedling treatment is extremely safe.
Dermapen been shown to work well for many skin conditions and is popular among patients and dermatologists. Furthermore, it can also be used on other parts of the skin and not just the facial area.
It is important to choose the treatment option that is most suitable for your skin condition. If you have been suffering from acne scars or other skin conditions listed above, you should ask your dermatologist about Dermapen microneedling. Overall, microneedling is very safe and effective, and you should give it a try.

MESOLIFT-3D BOOSTER Express 3D Lifting

Anti-aging serum for skin 45+ Contains 3D-Lift-Peptide™ Tri-active powerful complex with double botulin-like / BTX-like effect for lifting in express mode!
MESOLIFT-3D BOOSTER is a luxurious lifting serum with botulin-like effect designed to improve skin’s elasticity and firmness and to reduce the appearance of mimic wrinkles. Cationic formula allows it for rapid penetration to provide powerful lifting in express mode. Recommended for skin of age 45+ with hyper-sagging symptoms.

3D-Lift-Peptide™ = Tri-Active Powerful Complex:

μconoToxin CnCIII peptide – a biomimetic conopeptide from cone snail venom, with improved transcutaneous penetrating power (cationic formula) and with very tight interaction-sharp targeting on instant line relaxation (botulin-like / BTX-like effect). Botulin-like Tripeptide – a neuromuscular blocking compound of the venom of the Temple Viper with efficient smoothing and anti-wrinkle care particularly effective against expression lines by relaxing facial muscles (botulin-like / BTX-like effect). Lift Deluxe™ –a luxurious, extraordinary, rich blend of extract from the fruit husks of Zanthoxylum Bungeanum (commonly known as Sichuan pepper - ECOCERT validated), mixed with mica platelets, silica spheres and cationic PCA that provides instant and visible lifting, as well helps skin to retain vital moisture and maintain cell water balance.


Reduction of scars and stretch marks.
Hyaluronic acid, FGF growth factor, EGF growth factor, centella asiatica extract.

Our exclusive MESOMATRIX formula is designed to restructure and regenerate the dermal matrix. It is recommended for the treatment of deep wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. The epidermal and fibroblast growth factors are acting in synergy with the centella asiatica extract and the hyaluronic acid. Growth factors act on stem cells, they stimulate the formation of new cells and increase the cellular metabolism. Treatment after treatment the skin recovers a normal and young appearance.

Effective scar reduction with micro needling derma pen treatment with MesoGEN'X and MesoECM

Derma pen micro-needling is the process of inserting fine and short needles into the skin to make it youthful, and glowing. People suffering from scars and facial marks love the micro needling process since it not only boosts collagen but also improves the appearance of scars. The procedure also facilitates new hair growth. Those looking to eliminate skin problems are encouraged to try micro needling because of its numerous benefits. It is a simple process that involves minimal invasion on the skin layer. Micro-needling started in the 1990s and became popular after many people adopted it. Currently, many clinics and beauty salons offer micro needling services to rejuvenate patients’ skins. The process creates microscopic punctures that result in glowing and beautiful skin. However, one needs to be careful when choosing a derma pen micro needling facial treatment since choosing the wrong one is detrimental to the skin. The face is the most visible part of the body, hence the need to undergo micro needling to look good. If one’s face gets damaged during treatment, they will live with the consequences for the rest of their lives.

Dermapen (Microneedling) to treat acne scars

If you came across this post because you are dealing with acne scars, you are not alone. Lots of people have acne scars. Acne often goes away after puberty, but it can leave unsightly scars behind. Depending on severity, these acne scars can prevent us from feeling confident in our own skin.

Fortunately, there are treatment options available to reduce these scars. One of the most promising treatments is microneedling, which is a safe and proven way to treat acne scars.

Acne marks vs acne scars

First, let us make things clear. Acne marks are different from acne scars. Acne marks are marks that are darker than the surrounding skin. These are left behind when a pimple disappears. The cause of these dark spots is melanin, the same pigment that makes your skin become dark under the sun. Most of the time, they are temporary and will eventually fade with time. Using creams and taking care of your skin can make them heal faster. At any rate, patience is key.

Acne scars, on the other hand, are the result of damage to the internal structure under the skin. These are often the result of trauma to the site; picking at pimples or popping them. But sometimes the acne is so severe that it results in damage anyway, even if you take care of yourself. Estimates show that about 30% of people with moderate to severe acne will get some form of acne scarring. In general, scars are formed when the skin is injured. The body rushes to form collagen fibers at the site of injury in an attempt to close the open wound. Because of this healing process, the new skin is produced quickly, in a haphazard manner. This causes the texture and colour to be different from the rest of your skin.
Because young scars respond best to treatment, it is advisable to treat them early.

The 4 types of acne scars

Rolling acne scars: These kinds of the scar has a wavy texture and looks like hills and valleys. It occurs when the skin is pulled by bands of tissue under the skin’s surface and is the result of long-term inflammatory acne. These scars can sometimes disappear when you stretch them because they are generally shallower than the other scars. They become more obvious as we get older when the skin becomes less elastic. Although creams are popular, microneedling is known to be highly effective against this form of scarring. It promotes the generation of collagen and elastin, which improve the texture of the skin.

Boxcar scars: These are broad depressions, but with edges that are more defined than rolling scars. They look like someone poked their fingernails into your skin. Scar tissue under the skin pulls the overlaying skin downwards, causing the shape. They are usually caused by inflammatory acne. These can be treated effectively using microneedling.

Ice-pick scars: These are deep, narrow pits in your skin. They look like as if someone hit a rock with an ice pick repeatedly. They happen because your skin loses collagen underneath the skin, which then causes the skin to collapse, leaving a depression. Because they tend to be deeper, they can be the hardest to treat. Microneedling promotes regeneration of collagen under the pits, tackling the very issue that causes the scarring. With each session, the scarring will reduce and get less obvious. Usually, it will take at least 6 sessions of microneedling in order to see a clear improvement.

Keloids: These are thick, firm, lumpy bumps that come out of your skin. They look pink or red and are often itchy. These bumps are formed because the body tries to heal itself but ends up overdoing it. Some people are simply more prone to getting keloids due to genetics. Cutting away the keloid only makes it grow back, sometimes bigger than before. Thus, treatment is mostly limited to using creams and steroid injections. Microneedling is also an option, but effectiveness will depend on the size, shape, and severity of the scar.

Dermapen (microneedling) for treating acne scars

Dermapen (microneedling) is highly effective for most acne scars, especially if the severity is mild. Most patients who undergo microneedling report that they see an obvious improvement in their skin after just a few weeks. Most will see a clear improvement after 6 sessions. The full effects can continue to take place over the course of a year after the last treatment. The procedure is painless and has few side effects. It is also affordable compared to other treatments.
There are various skin treatments for the face, including laser therapy, cosmetic surgery, and chemical peels. During the process, needles are pierced into the skin which results in the creation of surface bleeding. The controlled needle length pricks the skin with minimal pain. Derma Pen micro needling helps in eliminating surface acne scarring, dark spots, fine lines, and under eye bags. After undergoing the procedure, one gets a healthy and glowing face. Micro-needling gets rid of acne scars and stretch marks when new skin cells are generated by needles pricking on the skin. It is important to put the needle on the problem areas so that acne scars and stretch marks are eliminated. Those suffering from hair loss have a solution in derma pen micro-needle, which injects actives into the scalp thereby reversing hair loss. Derma pen micro needle also stimulates blood flow and increases the availability of cell nutrients for hair growth. Both derma roller and derma pen are types of micro needling, although they differ. Derma pen micro-needle is known to treat problem areas easily such as nose or eye areas, while it is hard to reach such areas using derma rollers hence the preference for the former. Also, needle depths are adjustable with derma pen micro needle while derma roller only reaches a single depth.

Dermedics Acne range

Review for Korean BB glow Mesowhite

Korean BB glow

Original Korean glass skin bb glow treatment in Singapore (no foundation)

Skincare trend has been around for many years now. But the Korea trend of ‘glass skin’ is taking it to the next level. So what is this ‘Glass skin’ trend? It means to have your skin looks clear, smooth, blemishless and glossy like the term glass. When we think an example of people with glass skin will be Korean. The average people there, not just actor and actress have glass skin through skincare.
So why is glass skin a trend or why do people from other parts of the world excluding Korea wants to achieve this too?
The answer is that glass skin makes you look more youthful and fresh. People will not be able to guess your age now as you will look younger than your age. But girls all over the world not only want to get this to look good in front of other people but it also makes them feel more confident. The glass skin that many wants to get will increase your ‘wow’ factor and also makes you stand out from others.

To achieve this is no easy task. Especially in Singapore or any other country in southeast Asia due to the hot and humid temperature as we are near the equator. It is definitely a challenge. But it is still possible with consistent skin care. With proper skincare products and cream along with hydration, it is achievable!

So here are some simple steps and products that can get you the desirable skin that you been longing to get.

The first thing and probably the easiest that you can do is cleansing with a balanced pH cleanser and gentle scrub-free exfoliator. Dermedics enzymatic exfoliator is an excellent choice for all people including those with dry or sensitive skin. You must then apply Dermedics MESO WHITE bb glow brightening serum. It will make your skin looks fairer, more luminous while concealing your imperfections at the same time.

Do not expect to achieve the glass skin look all in a day. This has to be a consistent skincare routine that you have to keep the treatment regular and also takes care of your body. Taking care of what you eat and exercise is also as important as a good skin care routine to get that Korean glass skin BB glow look.

If you have noticed, the BB Glow facial has been around since 2016 and gaining increasing popularity. These said, not all beauty salons are using the same bb glow products. While most are using foundations and pigmented makeups, the original bb glow MESO WHITE from Dermedics is formulated without any colorant or pigment. So how does it works? Dermedics MESO WHITE bb glow acts on the melanin so you will achieve true whitening and brightening of the skin using safe natural plants extract.

Original Dermedics MESO WHITE bb glow is never a makeup foundation! With Dermedics MESO WHITE bb glow, you can now achieve beautiful glowing glass skin complexion. To complete the glass skin look, Dermedics White Creme Deluxe “Rosy Shine” can further enhance your porcelain glass glow!

A reason why Dermedics MESO WHITE popularly known as Korean BB glow is committed to ensuring to get that Korean bb glow.

Stop abusing your skin with foundation bb glow. True white luminous skin comes from within. Start your day with Dermedics MESO WHITE bb glow!

Korean BB glow

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